How do i stick to my diabetic is VERY hard! Any tips?

Answer Yes, it is VERY hard to go on a specific diet after eating anything and everything you wanted.The solution is to change your mind set. There is still plenty to eat and you will NEVER go hungry. O... Read More »

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Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pre Diabetic Loss Tips Needed?

Your eyes get blurry because the sugar changes the refractive index of the vitreous, the jelly inside your eyeballs. That's a BAD SIGN. You gotta stay away from sugar. And carbs--bread, potatoes... Read More »

Is it really hard to drive stick shift? .....really! Listen! Learn the locations of the shifter for each gear and whether or not you have to push a button or some other odd thing to go into reverse. Next feel the vibrati... Read More »

Can you stick a notebook hard drive in a desktop?

On One Hand: Notebook Hard Drives Will FitYou can install a notebook hard drive in your desktop if you have the appropriate size drive enclosure. Standard desktop hard drives fit into the 3.5 inch ... Read More »

How to Replace Pool Stick Tips?

Pool stick tips define your game. How you stroke the ball with the tip determines where the cue ball will go and how the object ball will react. If you play long enough, your tip will eventually br... Read More »