How do i start an avacodo plant from seeds?

Answer Extract the SeedExtract the seed from the avocado you wish to plant and wash it thoroughly.Sprouting by WaterInsert three toothpicks into the seed of the avocado. Fill a small jar or vase with wate... Read More »

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How do i plant avacodo seeds?

PlantingPush the blunt end of the stone, or pit, found within an avocado into a pot containing 1/2 compost and 1/2 peat moss, leaving the pointed end slightly exposed. Keep compost evenly moist but... Read More »

How to Start Plant Seeds from a Tupperware Clear Box?

Don't you ever want to start seed but failed? Here's some easy steps for you to fallow.

Does seeds from friute you buy from stores have seeds you can plant?

Yes they do I have an apple tree I started from seeds I got from the grocery store and it is actually producing apples. It can be done i know because I did it I have also started avacados and lemon... Read More »

How deep do you plant an avacodo seed?

Plant a cleaned and dry avocado seed pointed side up in well-draining soil. The very top of the seed tip should be sticking up through the soil. Do not completely cover the avocado pit or the germi... Read More »