How do i spray paint finished furniture bookcase kits?

Answer Sand and primeSand the bookcase with medium-grain sandpaper. Wipe the bookcase clean, and prime the bookcase with specialty primer such as BIN or KILZ. Allow to dry.PaintApply a coat of paint. Afte... Read More »

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How do I paint finished wood furniture?

Load a palm sander with 200-grit sandpaper. Remove the slick varnished gloss coating from the finished wood furniture by sanding it with the palm sander. Sand along with the grain and never against... Read More »

How do I remove spilled paint from finished furniture?

Work quickly before the paint has a chance to dry. Moisten a clean cloth rag with water. Wipe away the paint using the damp rag.Moisten a clean cloth rag with mineral spirits. Do not mistake lacque... Read More »

How would I go about painting a finished piece of furniture What kind of paint would I use?

If the furniture has a shiny top coat you will need to scuff that up first, then pick a really good primer. Kilz is great and on the side of the can tells you what surfaces it adheres to the best. ... Read More »

How to Spray Paint Furniture?

It is more common to spray paint furniture now that you can buy a wide variety of spray paints. Spray paint is not only available in a wide range of colors and textures, but it is now made to cover... Read More »