How do i space companion vegetables in a 6x12 foot garden?

Answer Determine requirementsRead the back of the seed package or look up space requirements in a gardening book or online garden site. Look for the words "space seeds ____ inches apart in the row." Thi... Read More »

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Can the Leek Vegetable Be Companion Planted With Other Vegetables?

Leeks are a vegetable in the onion family, producing thick green tops and white cylindrical bulbs. Leeks look like large scallions, and lend a mild onion flavor to foods. Leeks are often used in so... Read More »

Companion Planting for Bug Control in the Vegetable Garden?

Companion planting for bug control in the vegetable garden is not a new idea; in fact, companion planting has intrigued gardeners for centuries according to Louise Riotte, author of Carrots Love To... Read More »

I have just made a vegetable garden with herbs and flowers companion planting can you?

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How do I garden vegetables on a hill?

When envisioning the ideal garden, most of us likely picture flat, expansive plots producing a maximum yield of plants and vegetables. However, slopes and hills are inevitable features of many lan... Read More »