How do i space companion vegetables in a 6x12 foot garden?

Answer Determine requirementsRead the back of the seed package or look up space requirements in a gardening book or online garden site. Look for the words "space seeds ____ inches apart in the row." Thi... Read More »

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Can the Leek Vegetable Be Companion Planted With Other Vegetables?

Leeks are a vegetable in the onion family, producing thick green tops and white cylindrical bulbs. Leeks look like large scallions, and lend a mild onion flavor to foods. Leeks are often used in so... Read More »

Companion Planting for Bug Control in the Vegetable Garden?

Companion planting for bug control in the vegetable garden is not a new idea; in fact, companion planting has intrigued gardeners for centuries according to Louise Riotte, author of Carrots Love To... Read More »

I have just made a vegetable garden with herbs and flowers companion planting can you?

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How do I arrange vegetables in a garden?

BasicsWatch how the sun moves across your intended plot, then arrange your rows lying east to west so the sun follows across them, and you will have fewer concerns about plant shading.Arrange veget... Read More »