How do i sow tomato seeds?

Answer Sow tomatoes seeds seven to 10 weeks before the final killing frost of spring. Spread seed-starting mix in small pots, paper egg cartons or a seed-starter kit. To create your own seed-starting mix,... Read More »

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How many seeds are in a tomato?

The average number of seeds in a tomato fruit ranges from 73 to 346, depending on the variety, states Tomato seeds yield 24 percent oil, which is often used in salad dressing and ma... Read More »

How do I prepare tomato seeds?

Collect tomatoes that are transitioning from green to ripe from your garden. If you have multiple tomato plant varieties, label several plastic bowls with the plant names. Separate the the tomato v... Read More »

When should tomato seeds be planted?

On One Hand: Plant at 50 Degrees FahrenheitTomato plants can generally be planted when a temperature consistently reaches 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Any colder than 50 degrees and tomatoes may not grow... Read More »

How long do tomato seeds last?