How do i show a link such as in a message?

Answer address it correctly start ~http then://~followed by google ~finish or the appropriate end .could be 99% of addresses the www will not cause problems if omittedeghttp;//www.g... Read More »

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How to Bookmark the New Message Link in Hotmail?

Are you a Hotmail email address member? Do you find yourself typing a lot of emails but are not amused to have to keep clicking through the rigorous process of finding the link that creates a new m... Read More »

Can you help with outlook error message: "Undeliverable. No such user here"?

go back to factory settings before it's too late or else'

Does the Game Show Network plan to show the old black and white programs such as What's My Line To Tell the Truth etc again?

Jack Berry until his death in 1984 Jim Peck occasionally substituted for him and also for host Bill Cullen who replaced Jack Barry after his death

Do internet usernames such as "hotbabe" or "cutegirl" send out the wrong message to confused male browsers?

It sends out a message that they are immature by using that in their username, which would make them a target for the perverts. Obviously you are forgetting how popular it is to be a lesbian nowad... Read More »