How do i sharpen the blade on a power lawnmower?

Answer It's time to sharpen rotary lawnmower blades when they start to shred leaf blades. Tru-Green Lawn Care says that may be as often as every eight to 12 hours of operation. Remove the spark plug and t... Read More »

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Can you sharpen a lawnmower blade?

How to Sharpen a Reel Lawnmower?

Reel style lawnmowers are a "green" alternative to gas powered models available on the market today. Due to their lighter weight and efficient grass-cutting operation, reel style lawnmowers are a p... Read More »

How to Remove a Lawnmower Blade for Sharpening?

The blade on a powered lawnmower spins at high speeds, cutting the grass to a predetermined height. A sharp lawnmower blade cuts grass much better than a dull one, which means that you use less pow... Read More »

Dose a dethatching lawnmower blade work well?

Current thinking is that "thatch" on a lawn is not a problem.To the contrary, it eventually fertilizes the lawn.I use a composting lawnmower blade, and I never bag the grass or fertilize the lawn, ... Read More »