How do i sharpen an industrial drill bit?

Answer InstructionsWear safety goggles for this entire process to protect your eyes from stray metal shavings. Access the chuck of your sharpening tool by swiveling it in a counterclockwise direction. Pla... Read More »

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How do I sharpen drill bits?

Acquiring Proper EquipmentBuy or gain access to a dedicated drill bit sharpening machine or grinder. These devices are much safer and easier to use than a standard grinder. Avoid using a regular ... Read More »

How do i properly sharpen a drill bit?

Put on safety glasses and gloves before sharpening your drill bit. Attach a carbon or diamond grinding wheel to a small bench grinder. Turn on the grinder and keep all objects and body parts away f... Read More »

How do I sharpen spade drill bits?

Spade Bit SharpeningSecure the spade bit to be sharpened in a vice. Place a small, fine metal file against the cutting edge of the bit and match its angle to that of the cutting edge. Stroke the fi... Read More »

How to Sharpen a Metal Drill Bit So it Will Cut Steel?

Drill bits will become dull through use and lose their ability to cut. This is especially true of bits that are used to drill metal. While the bits are specifically designed to be used with metal, ... Read More »