How do i sharpen an industrial drill bit?

Answer InstructionsWear safety goggles for this entire process to protect your eyes from stray metal shavings. Access the chuck of your sharpening tool by swiveling it in a counterclockwise direction. Pla... Read More »

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How do I sharpen drill bits?

Acquiring Proper EquipmentBuy or gain access to a dedicated drill bit sharpening machine or grinder. These devices are much safer and easier to use than a standard grinder. Avoid using a regular ... Read More »

How do i properly sharpen a drill bit?

Put on safety glasses and gloves before sharpening your drill bit. Attach a carbon or diamond grinding wheel to a small bench grinder. Turn on the grinder and keep all objects and body parts away f... Read More »

How to Sharpen Drill Bits on a Grinder?

Twist drill bits can be easily sharpened on a bench grinder and a drill bit sharpening jig. The jig attaches to the tool rest and keeps the bits at the proper angle, ensuring a smooth, even grind a... Read More »

How do I sharpen drill bits by hand?

Find the FlutesHold the drill bit upright in one hand. Place your other hand over the top of the bit about an inch higher than the bit. (The shadow from your hand enables you to better see the flut... Read More »