How do i share one small cookie with 15 pieces all the same size?

Answer smash it with a hammer and toss the crumbs in the air. Like feeding the birds!

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How would you hide an ear piercing with small pieces of broom or string ?

Heh - years and years ago this is how everyone treated their ear piercings initially until they healed up. I don't know that you can hide a piercing this way though. Used to be two rather common ... Read More »

Should babies sleep in the same bed with their parents or share a crib with siblings?

Yes, we have shared our bed with each of our 4 kids for the first 2-3 years of their lives. We all enjoyed the experience very much. Contrary to what people often think, the child doesn't have a ... Read More »

How how to share a very small room with your younger sibling?

If you have to share a room with your younger sibling try to move the furniture around to make more space. Try not to fight with your younger brother or sister because then it will not be much fun ... Read More »

FPs/APs/PAPs/Adoptees: Do you share your views of adoption IRL with the same passion as on the web?

Actually less and less, the older I get. These two stories are from the past year... I have a neighbor I used to walk with daily. She has an adopted daughter who is the bio kid of an intact fami... Read More »