How do i share one small cookie with 15 pieces all the same size?

Answer smash it with a hammer and toss the crumbs in the air. Like feeding the birds!

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How do I cut small pieces of glass?

Use a Glass CutterLay the large piece of glass on a clean, flat surface. Take a glass cutter, and coat the cutting edge with lubricating oil. Use the glass cutter to make a scoring line by scraping... Read More »

How to Sew in Small Hair Extensions Pieces?

Extensions are fake hair that is applied to the natural hair. Women of all races use hair extensions as a way to lengthen the hair or add volume to the hair. Extensions also allow a woman to get a ... Read More »

How to French Braid in Small Pieces?

French braids make an easy yet elegant way to keep your hair out of your face, providing you with a neat, well-kept appearance for several hours. If you have difficult-to-manage hair, however, or a... Read More »

How to get small carpet pieces out of a horrible rug burn?

I am unsure of any remedies to help the skin heal but I know that it will eventually grow out. Your skin has an amazing ability to get rid of junk so long as you can keep it clean! Rinse it well ev... Read More »