How do i setup dbmail and sendmail?

Answer It would have helped to know the OS and version of the server you uploaded to. (I will assume you will be using MySQL as the database backend.)Besides the instructions that come with them, and wha... Read More »

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PHP Sendmail Tutorial?

PHP is a programming language that is typically embedded in HTML websites to provide interactive elements. This allows you to perform common programming logic and control flow statements, making it... Read More »

How to Use Sendmail in Linux?

Advanced Linux users typically use the Linux command terminal to access certain features of the operating system. The command terminal is built into all Linux operating systems and is comparable to... Read More »

How to Configure Sendmail?

This How To covers the process of configuring email handling after registering a domain. Sendmail is the Unix/Linux software that does email handling. It's not a Mail User Agent (MUA) like the emai... Read More »

Does Yahoo Business have a Sendmail feature?

Yahoo! Business does have a Sendmail feature. It is used to send email using the programming language PHP or Perl. It allows a website owner to send up to 250 emails per day to people outside his d... Read More »