How do i set up a Home Server?

Answer Ideally you need a small hub such as a four port hub. Into this go all of the RJ45 hardwired cables from each pc.These hubs, I use one myself between my computers, is about the size of a ciggy pack... Read More »

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How to Run a Server From Home?

While Web server hosting costs have dropped considerably over the years, with some hosting companies offering free Web hosting, making the decision to host your own server is still a valid option. ... Read More »

FTP or Home Server HELP!!?

1. don't use FTP. use ssh for sftp.2. set up a linux box in your home LAN.3. create a port forward on your home router/firewall/gateway for something on the public interface to forward to your ssh ... Read More »

How do I setup a Server at home?

Most of the time a fairly standard computer and network card will be more than fast enough to host an FTP server. The Internet is slow enough in comparison to your basic Local Area Network that yo... Read More »

Why a Computer Cannot Connect to Your Home Server?

If you are experiencing difficulty connecting to a Windows Home Server, the problem may be that the computer you are using is on a different subnet than the Home Server-based computer. The Windows ... Read More »