How do i send files to my phone?

Answer You suppose should have a cable for your phone and computer. This means that you can use the cable to connect to the computer and get whatever files that you want to transfer to your phone. If yo... Read More »

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How to Send MP3 Files to My Cell Phone?

Having an MP3 player built into your cell phone can be a Godsend on those long crowded bus, or train rides to and from work. You can close your eyes, turn on the music and turn off the world even i... Read More »

How to Send Files to a Cell Phone As Text Message?

Modern cell phones are much more interactive than they used to be. Many cell phones act as video and MP3 players, and can also surf the Internet. There are various ways to transfer files to a cell ... Read More »

Can i send files to my phone from my laptop via Bluetooth?

first make sure that the bluetooth device is detected and installed properly in the device manager(control panel>system>hardware>device manager).2nd, assuming that your phone's bluetooth is on, rig... Read More »

How to Send Files to a Cell/Mobile Phone Using Bluetooth Technology?

Do you want to have a ringtone on your phone? or have a picture from your laptop/computer on your phone? Read on if you do!