How do i send a large home movie clip through email?

Answer All the answers I saw here were too complicated. It all depends on the size of the file. If your file is below 20 MB it is better to send it through gmail which offers 20MB attachments! If it is... Read More »

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How do I send large files through email?

Right-click on the desktop or documents folder on your computer. Select "New" and scroll over to "Compressed ZIP File." Name the file the same as the large file you want to send through email. Drag... Read More »

How do I make a video clip smaller to send by email?

Right-click on your desktop, and select "New" and "Compressed Zip Folder." Name the folder the same name as the video file. Drag the video file into the folder to compress it to a small size.Open y... Read More »

How to Send Big Files Through Email?

Many types of files are often too large to send via email. Videos, pictures and PDF documents are apt to be huge in their original state. Not only are big attachments more difficult for the recipie... Read More »

How to Send ZIP Files Through Email?

Zip files are compressed, archived files. They can contain a single file or multiple files. A zip utility can make a very large file small enough to send through email. It can also be used to send ... Read More »