How do i sell a stock certificate to a friend?

Answer If you hold a paper stock certificate, you can sell it to a friend without the use of a broker. This process is perfectly legal, as long as you follow the appropriate steps and certifications neces... Read More »

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How do I Sell a Stock Certificate That Isn't Worth Anything?

A stock certificate provides authentication of ownership for publicly traded shares. While the legal document can be aesthetically pleasing to they eye, in many cases the value of the shares is min... Read More »

What is a stock certificate?

A stock certificate is a legal document, either paper or electronic, denoting ownership of a specific share in a company. Companies distribute shares of stock as part of an incentive to get investo... Read More »

Does an llc have a stock certificate?

Yes; Limited liability corporations (LLCs), like all other corporations, have stock and should receive a stock certificate at formation. An LLC certificate of stock is known as a membership certifi... Read More »

What does jt ten mean on a stock certificate?

Jt ten stands for joint tenancy. On a stock certificate, the words mean that all the people named on the certificate hold the stock jointly. Such certificates also give instructions for their dispo... Read More »