How do i select audio input on macbook pro?

Answer Open the "Apple" menu on your MacBook Pro and select "System Preferences." Click on the "Sound" tab in the "Hardware" category. Click on the "Input" tab. Select the audio input device from the men... Read More »

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How audio input jack covert to audio output jack?

If I understand the question, you are trying to intertwine different functions. Like your ears, the audio input jack receives an audio source, while the audio output jack transmits outputs audio co... Read More »

What are audio input?

It's an input that receives audio. On a TV this would be your red and white RCA cables. On a mixing console for recording music it could be an XLR or 1/4" cable. For MP3 Players it can be a 1/8" ca... Read More »

How to Install Audio Input?

Most computers come with only one line-in and line-out port installed, Although this allows for a speaker system and a connected microphone, other audio inputs may be needed for recording music or ... Read More »

Installing t.v. headphones w/o an audio input?

Inputs and outputs are not the same thing nor are they interchangeable, you TV probably has an optical audio output in which case you need a headphone amp with optical in...something like the Audio... Read More »