How do i select an eotech holographic sight?

Answer Sight system requirementsDetermine your specific needs and budget before selecting an EOTech holographic sight. L-3 Communications makes a variety of sights for hunters, warriors and sport shooters... Read More »

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How to Unlock the Holographic Sight for the Fal in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2?

Are you getting tired of using the Red dot sight on your FAL because its aim is off? Well just read on and this will show you how to unlock the much better holographic sight.

How to Remove an EOTech Hood?

Owned by large defense contractor L-3, EOTech is a manufacturer of electro-optics products using laser and holographic technology. The EOTech aiming platform, designed and manufactured by EOTech, c... Read More »

Is the Bushnell Holosight made by EOTech?

Bushnell has some products made in Japan. Bushnell holographic sights that say "Made In USA" on them were manufactured by EOTech. The product must have a country of origin affixed to it. Bushnell h... Read More »

How to Align Your Peep Sight & Sight on Your Bow?

The peep sight is a small circle with a round opening in the center. The sight attaches to the string on a bow and it narrows the field of vision when the archer is in a full draw position. The sig... Read More »