How do i see what my daughter is doing?

Answer Let Her Enjoy The Life As U Have Done Before.

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What is Jack Paar's daughter Randy doing these days?

Randy, daughter of Jack Paar is NOT thinking mean things like the comment about her.

Is there any danger of daughter doing bikini stuff on youtube?

If it's anywhere on the internet, it can be found and used, now or later. Even deleting it won't prevent it from turning up in search engines and caches and re-postings. Consider publication on t... Read More »

My daughter installed firefox on our pc and I want to prevent her from doing it again?

To be totally honest with you what joelj1964 told you is 100% right. You should listen to your daughter since she knows a hell of a lot more about internet security then you do.Bisquedog is right a... Read More »

My daughter started shaving her vagina. Is there any reason she would be doing this if she was not having sex?

Its quite possible but honestly when I was in middle school I had to change infront of alot of other girls for gym and they all shaved so I did the "cool thing" and shaved to. you need to talk to h... Read More »