How do i scan two-sided docments without a duplexer?

Answer There is no easy way to do this short of scanning software designed to handle such a task. Probably the fastest way to get the results you want, is to copy all the odd pages and then manually colla... Read More »

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Can you scan two sided documents on a Bizhub?

You can scan two-sided documents on the Konica Minolta Bizhub models C10, C10X, C20P and C20PX; however, with the C10, buyers must pay an added fee for duplex scanning capabilities unlike the other... Read More »

What is a duplexer on printers?

A printer duplexer allows printing on both sides of a piece of paper. There are two types of duplex printers: models that automatically print on two sides, and models that require you to manually r... Read More »

What is an inkjet with duplex/duplexer?

An inkjet with duplex capabilities or a built-in duplexer is a type of printer that uses small nozzles to spray ink onto paper in order to transfer images and text. The duplexer allows the printer ... Read More »

How to Snap the Duplexer into Place on an HP 6500 Printer?

A Hewlett-Packard 6500 all-in-one printer allows you to reduce office clutter by reducing the amount of equipment needed to print, copy and fax paperwork. Adding a duplexer to an HP 6500 printer in... Read More »