How do i scan pictures on the computer with the dell A940?

Answer No.

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How do I fax with a Dell A940 printer?

Install Microsoft Fax ConsoleInstall Microsoft Fax Console. If you are running Windows XP, you will have to install the software. It is already installed for Windows 2000. Click "Start" then select... Read More »

I purchased a new computer recently but kept my printer. i cant scan pictures into my computer?

Make sure you install the printer driver from the printer's CD onto your computer. Without the driver, your computer will not detect your printer.

I have a dell insperion n7110 & a canon mg2120 pixma scanner/printer how can i scan pictures and then transf?

Just install the software(in the DVD) which you got with your scanner. Then when you will connect your scanner to computer, then inside MY COMPUTER in the Drives with removable storage you will se... Read More »

Why cant i scan pictures ont my computer?

go to your photo programopen itgo to fileimportselect scannerwindow will pop upselect previewselct what you wish to scanhit scanonce it done it will import from the scanner to the photo program you... Read More »