How do i scan a document and then be able to edit the text?

Answer Most answers here are off. Scan the document and SAVE it as a jpeg hi-res.Now you can download FreeOCR, install it. Open your scan documents in it and click on OCR. It will change it to text that c... Read More »

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When you scan a ducument it became a jpeg file How do you edit now the text in the scanned document?

Not really possible how you envision it. A jpeg is an image file, and the letters you see are not "letters" as a computer interprets it. You can always use paint to "white-out" the existing text ... Read More »

I cannot edit a scanned word or excel document, I can only cut, copy, paste. Is there a way to edit scan docs?

When a document is scanned into a computer, it does not come in as "text" (meaning words and numbers). It is scanned in as a picture. So there is no way to edit a normally scanned document.But ch... Read More »

How can i scan and edit document?

what model and how did the document save as?

How can I scan and edit a document ?

Hi thereGo to this link and download FREEocr. Once you scan your documents in , save as jpeg. The FREEocr will load them and automatically convert them to Microsoft word. Don't forget that you will... Read More »