How do i say red snapper in French?

Answer The French translation for "red snapper" is "vivaneu." You can easily translate many phrases from English to other languages using Google Translate. There is also a program called Babelfish that pr... Read More »

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Is scarlet snapper the same as red snapper?

The scarlet and the red snappers are two different species of snapper. The scarlet snapper, or lutjanis sanguineus, is found throughout Indonesia and Thailand. The red snapper, or lutjanis campecha... Read More »

How do I fry snapper?

Simple Fried SnapperPour 2 tbsp. oil in a frying pan. Heat to medium heat. Dip each snapper fillet in bread crumbs seasoned with salt and pepper. Fry the snapper fillets for 5 minutes on each side ... Read More »

How to Prepare Snapper?

Snapper is a good fish to cook whole. It has a mild flavor and medium to coarse flakes.

How Do I Prepare Red Snapper?

FryingClean the red snapper by removing the skin and backbone if it is not done for you already. Slice the snapper into long fillets or thin strips. Dip each fish fillet in egg batter seasoned with... Read More »