How do i root lilac cuttings?

Answer Cutting RootsDig deeply to find the main root, which is usually attached to the existing lilac bush. Remove the sprouts or small roots with a pocket knife or pruning shears. The cutting tools can b... Read More »

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How to Root a Lilac Bush?

From their delicate scent to their clusters of white to deep-purple flowers, lilacs are the prized flowering shrub of many gardeners. Shared by neighbors and traded for other cuttings, the differen... Read More »

How much root cutting can be done to a lilac bush?

You can do as many root cuttings as you desire on your lilac, but every root cutting you do will reduce the number of blooms you will get on the current bush. The best time to do a root cutting is ... Read More »

How do I root ivy cuttings?

PreparationCut several 6-inch pieces of ivy from an existing plant. Choose young, bright-green portions of the plant. Remove any leaves from the bottom half of the cutting, then dip the bottom half... Read More »

How do I do root cuttings?

A great way to start or add to a garden is to root cuttings from shrubs or trees. This way, if you see a shrub that you just love at your friend's place, you can replicate it at home for your own e... Read More »