How do i restore license plates?

Answer Clean and Strip Plates of PaintClean the plate thoroughly. Take off all stuck-on dirt particles. Remove the paint using any regular paint stripper. The paint stripper will take off the old paint pl... Read More »

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How do i restore 1971 license plates?

Strip the Old License PlateRemove paint and rust from the old plate using standard paint stripper or thinner. Most plates do not have a thick layer of paint on them, so this step should go quickly.... Read More »

How to Get a Driver's License & License Plates in Arizona?

Arizona law requires a valid driver's license, proof of insurance and current-year vehicle registration for any person operating a motorized vehicle on Arizona public roadways. New Arizona resident... Read More »

How do I run license plates?

Visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles office and obtain a request form. Every state has a slightly different method for running license plate numbers. However, across the United States, you... Read More »

How do i cut metal license plates?

Specialty ShearsCut the license plate with a tin snips or metal shears while holding it steady. Metal shears often come in a right-hand, left-hand or neutral cutting pattern. If it will make a dif... Read More »