How do i restart my whole pc so nothing is on there please help?

Answer you would have to reformat your hardrive.

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I lost my phone. Nothing has worked, please help?

When you're in a mad rush your brain can automatically forget what you just did. Chances are you grabbed it and it got left somewhere else.

My computer is SLOOOOW . I'm 14 so I can't buy nothing PLEASE help me?

Hit alt+cntrl+delete. Then click processes. Here you can see what is taking up most of your processor and/or ram. Then google the name of it and it will be obvious is you can exit that process or n... Read More »

As i turn on my computer, nothing appears on my monitor...please help?

OH NOOO!No beep is NOT good!I suspect that your monitor is not the problem.I hate to tell you that your mother board or power supply may be gone! (PRAY to the computer gods that it is your power su... Read More »

Probably a silly question, but i know nothing about computers! Please help!?

Open the settings of your Internet Explorer (Click Tools-->Internet Options-->General (Tab). On this pafe, click delete followed by delete forms.