How do i reset a combination on a brief case?

Answer Locate Reset SwitchOpen the briefcase using the existing combination, and find the reset switch for the lock. The reset switch should be located inside the briefcase, on the backside of the lock.Re... Read More »

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How do I set combination locks on a brief case?

Open the CaseOpen the briefcase. The combination for a new briefcase should be either on an attached tag or in the owner's manual.Find the LockLook inside the briefcase at the back of the lock. Y... Read More »

How do I reset the combination on a padlock?

Lock OpeningOpen the lock. Use your current combination for the lock to open it. Leave it set to the current combination.Lock ResettingReset the combination. Insert the reset tool that came with th... Read More »

How do I reset a combination padlock?

Find Out If Lock Is ResettableDetermine if the lock is resettable. You may remember if that was a feature when you purchased the lock. If it is not resettable, there should be a serial number on th... Read More »

How do I reset the Sesamee combination padlock?

Starting the ResetSet the Sesamee padlock to the current combination. If you just purchased the padlock, the starting combination is 0000.Change PinLocate the hole where the lock bar actually conn... Read More »