How do i replace an old weed barrier?

Answer Removing Old Weed BarrierRake all rocks and coverings from the top of the old weed barrier. Weed barriers are made of plastic or cloth sheeting. Be careful not to tear the plastic or cloth, as this... Read More »

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How do I use a weed barrier?

MeasureMeasure the garden bed you wish to cover with weed barrier, a cloth sheet spread on the ground to permanently prevent weeds from growing. Draw a picture of the garden bed, including where al... Read More »

How do I put a weed barrier around the house?

Prepare the soil by laying down fertilizer and organic compost. Water the soil to make sure the compost and fertilizer settle in properly.Lay down the weed barrier over your prepared soil, overlapp... Read More »

How do I use newspaper as a weed blanket barrier?

Natural Weed BarrierPlace a four- to seven-page layer of newspaper over the soil to create an economical weed blanket barrier. Avoid color pages, as the ink may be toxic. Unprinted newsprint paper ... Read More »

How to Plant Perennial Flowers With a Weed Barrier?

A weed barrier is a plastic or cloth barrier gardeners lay over soil to keep down weeds. Most weed barriers allow moisture and air to get through, but block sunlight. Weed barriers are easy to inst... Read More »