How do i repair the inside roof of a van?

Answer Van roofs are often made wider and higher than the rooftops of other vehicles. This puts more stress on the roof of the van, which can tend to develop flaws and structural problems more easily than... Read More »

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How to Fix a Rotten RV Roof From the Inside?

Dry rot is a fungus that begins in wood when it is exposed to sitting water for long periods of time. For RV owners it can be the beginning of a nightmare, as the fungus will spread from the point ... Read More »

What is the name of the space inside the roof of a house?

What is the stuff call to fix a roof from the inside?

Dude, are you the guy with the mobile home? Is your roof made of corrugated aluminum? You might want to try this repair from the outside instead. You need a piece of aluminum or whatever metal/m... Read More »

DIY Roof Leak Repair?

Discovering a leak in your roof is one of those uh-oh moments when your heart sinks and your mind races with thoughts of how you'll be able to pay for the fixes. While it can be a relatively inexpe... Read More »