How do i remove vinyl floor glue from concrete?

Answer Prepare for WorkBuy an adhesive remover or chemical stripper from any home improvement store. Put on gloves and a face mask and open all windows in the room for ventilation.Soften the Vinyl GlueFil... Read More »

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How do I remove the glue from concrete floor?

Clean the AreaClean the area around glue stain, you can use warm water with a sponge for this. Allow to dry.Using Floor StripperApply a chemical floor stripper to the glue stain, making sure the ar... Read More »

How do I remove glue from a concrete floor?

Using a scraper or long-handled chisel, scrape up as much as glue as possible. Sweep away loose glue.Apply methylene chloride paint remover to the floor with a trowel. Allow the methylene chloride ... Read More »

How do I remove vinyl tile from a concrete floor?

Pull up the FloorWork the sharp edge of a chisel underneath the edge of the vinyl flooring. Push up on the handle to pull up the edge. Grab the edge of the vinyl, and pull until the tile comes up. ... Read More »

How do I remove carpet glue from concrete floor?

Remove Carpet GlueApply a safe adhesive glue remover to the glue to avoid using toxic chemicals inside. Wait 30 minutes for the stripper to penetrate the glue. Scrape the glue off the floor with a ... Read More »