How do i remove this broken Screw Razer Mamba?

Answer Take it to a service or repair shop they will be able to help you...

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How do I remove a screw with a broken head from a door hinge?

PositioningOpen the door, if the screw is on the inside of the hinge. Secure the door in place with a doorstop. Secure it shut, if it is on the outside. You don't want the door suddenly swinging on... Read More »

How to Remove a Broken Head Screw on an Auto Thermostat Housing?

The screws that secure the thermostat housing to the intake manifold are subjected to constant heating and cooling cycles over the years and when the thermostat breaks, getting those old screws out... Read More »

Razer Megalodon VS Razer Star Wars: The Old Republic?

I suggest the SWTOR, u may get cheap SWTOR here… Share you this 6% discount coupon code: ALLCDKEY99016 on your All Games purchase!

The screw on my eyeglasses came out...(ultra tiny screw) anyone know of a tool small enough to screw it in?

Everyone is right...they sell little eyeglass repair kits at most drug stores. I've even seen them at the check-out at some grocery stores. Don't lose that screw though. The screws in those kits... Read More »