How do i remove tacks from carpet?

Answer Use a PrybarSlide the notched end of a pry bar around the head of the tack. If this is difficult because the tack is buried deep into the carpet, it may be necessary to also use a hammer.Use a Hamm... Read More »

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How do I remove outdoor carpet glue from carpet?

Cleaner and Lighter FluidUse an adhesive remover that is safe for outdoor carpets. Pour the liquid onto a soft cloth and wide away the glue. Follow up with lighter fluid if any of the glue remains.... Read More »

How do I remove carpet tape from carpet?

Tape RemovalPull the tape off. Wear rubber gloves, and apply a little rubbing alcohol directly onto the carpet fibers. Work with a 12-inch section of carpet or a small section at a time. With your ... Read More »

How to Remove Gum From Car Carpet?

Chewing gum on your car carpet is a disheartening sight. The sticky nature of chewing gum makes removal seem impossible. If you do not remove the gum the carpet promptly, it can leave a stain or sp... Read More »

How to Remove Gum from Carpet?

For many people, chewing gum is a flavorful treat that exercises your jaw, eliminates boredom and helps smokers stay away from cigarettes by replacing their oral fixation with a non-toxic alternati... Read More »