How do i remove sticky spots from leather furniture?

Answer Mixing the SolutionMix one cup of warm water with 1 tsp. mild soap. Use a clean sponge to apply the mixture to the sticky spot.ProcedureWipe the spot until the sticky stain is gone from the leather... Read More »

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How do I remove emulsion paint spots from leather furniture?

Cold WaterUse cold water only to remove emulsion paint that is not fully dry. Hot water will cause emulsion paint spots to set. Dip a clean rag into cold water, and wipe away emulsion paint spots.L... Read More »

How do I remove ink from leather furniture?

Rubbing AlcoholTake rubbing alcohol and place onto a cotton ball. Take the cotton ball and rub it onto the leather furniture over the ink stain. Repeat until the ink is lifted off the leather.Nail ... Read More »

How to Remove Marks from Leather Furniture?

Couch before removing marks made by dog(click for a closer look).Did you grandchildren visit and decide to draw stick people and put gum on your leather couch? Was Fluffy left inside unattended? Di... Read More »

How do I remove mold from leather furniture?

Remove Loose MoldRemove loose mold from your leather furniture by first placing your leather furniture outside to prevent mold spores from falling off elsewhere in your home. In severe mold cases w... Read More »