How do i remove soot from vinyl siding?

Answer Combine Cleaning IngredientsMix 1/3 cup powdered detergent and 2/3 cups liquid household cleaner into 1 gallon of water.Clean The SidingSpray the siding with a garden hose to remove any excess dirt... Read More »

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How to Remove CFW/Oil From Vinyl Siding?

If you have vinyl siding on your house that becomes stained with oil or CFW, "calcofluor white," a fluorescent white stain, you may find that removing the oil or CFW is difficult. Because of their ... Read More »

How do I remove asphalt from vinyl siding?

Wet Asphalt SealantUse a sponge or clean cloth with soap and warm water to wash off sealant that has not had a chance to dry and harden.Dry Water-based Asphalt SealantPurchase a special performance... Read More »

How do I remove concrete from vinyl siding?

Brush Concrete AwayUse a stiff brush, and try to brush concrete away from vinyl siding. Try chipping away large or stubborn portions of concrete, and brush away dust. If brushing works, simply clea... Read More »

How do I remove marks from vinyl siding?

Do the Prep WorkClean the siding where the mark is. You may find that some detergent, such as a siding detergent or household cleanser, hot water, a soft-bristle brush and a little labor will remov... Read More »