How do i remove programs from startup menu?

Answer Click the "Start" button and choose "All Programs" until the popup menu appears. Entries in this menu are generally alphabetized, though newer entries can appear in order of installation.Choose "St... Read More »

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How do i remove programs from a startup menu?

Open Msconfig UtilityClick "Start," and type "msconfig" in the instant search field. When "Msconfig" appears in the list, select it. Select the "Startup" tab, and deselect each startup program you... Read More »

How to Remove Programs From Windows Startup Menu?

The Windows start up menu is a list of icons of regularly used programs on the computer. You can add and remove items from this list. A key advantage to using the start up menu is that you do not h... Read More »

How to Remove Programs From the Startup Menu in Vista?

One of the ways that you can make Windows Vista operating system boot up more quickly is by removing unnecessary programs from its Startup Menu. There are many background programs that are set to b... Read More »

How do I add programs to the startup menu?

Locate Startup MenuClick on the Windows Start Menu and select "All Programs."Open Startup MenuRight-click on the "Startup" folder and select "Open All Users." The startup window will open.Add Progr... Read More »