How do i remove permanent black marker?

Answer Step OneRub toothpaste onto the area stained with the permanent black marker. Be sure to use plain toothpaste that is nonabrasive and do not use any gel toothpaste.Step TwoLeave the toothpaste on t... Read More »

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How to Get Black Permanent Marker Off Skin?

Children just can't resist the urge to draw on themselves whenever a marker is handy. Adults can get permanent marker on themselves as well. Absentmindedly putting the wrong end of a marker in your... Read More »

How to Get Black Permanent Marker Out of Modal Cotton?

While it might be called permanent marker, if you get black marker onto modal cotton it is possible to get the ink out. Of course, the sooner you begin pulling at the ink the better the chance you'... Read More »

How to Get Black Permanent Marker Out of Fabric on a Couch?

A black permanent marker is considered permanent because it is classified as water resistant, adheres to most surfaces and uses dyes. If your child gets a hold of a permanent marker and draws on t... Read More »

How do I get black permanent marker out of fabric on a couch?

Preparing the CouchVacuum the couch thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner attachment hose.Using Oxygen BleachCombine 1 qt. warm water and 1 oz. oxygen bleach into a bucket. Dip a rag into the cleaning s... Read More »