How do i remove items from add/remove programs?

Answer Click the "Start" button on your Windows XP operations system. From the start menu select "Control Panel." It is from the control panel you are able to reach the "Add/Remove Programs" feature. Doub... Read More »

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How do I remove a program called Contra Virus 2.0 It does not allow me to remove it from add/remove programs.?

Symantec has numerous removal tools for virus's for free. Just type the name in and it will give you the removal tool. (Under Downloads)

How do I remove items from eBay?

Scroll over the "My eBay" tab on the top right-hand corner of the screen (after you've logged in to your account) and select "Selling" from the drop-down menu.Scroll down to the item that needs to ... Read More »

How do I remove startup items from XP?

Click "Start", and then "Run". Enter the text "msconfig" in the run box and click "OK". Wait a few moments as a system settings window appears. Click on the "Startup" tab, uncheck the boxes next to... Read More »

How do I remove items from a start menu?

Remove Items from the Start MenuClick the "Start" button. Find the start menu item you would like to remove. Right-click on the item. Select "Remove from this list," or select "Unpin from Start Men... Read More »