How do i remove& install programs& applications?

Answer Microsoft WindowsInstall a program by inserting the program disc or double-clicking on the program's setup file (often INSTALL.EXE or SETUP.EXE.) Remove a program by clicking "Start" -> "Control Pa... Read More »

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How do you install or remove applications - adp files - into Google Android mobile platform emulator?

Turn on your Android platform emulator. If you dont have it, download it from (emulator is a part of Android SDK) ... for install new appliacation (apk... Read More »

How do I remove unwanted Windows programs that install/uninstall will not remove?

Click on your "Windows XP" or "Start" menu. Double-click the "Computer" icon. Double-click the "C:" drive. Select the "Program Files" from the drop-down items.It is best to have a backup before del... Read More »

Why are the smart phones applications limited comparing to PCs programs?

It's not really a hardware or software problem but rather a user interface problem. Complicated software like Photoshop simply isn't usable on a phone that has a small screen and no keyboard or mou... Read More »

How to Install a Linux Operating System to a Flash Drive and Install Portable Versions of Your Favourite Applications?

Ever wish there was more you could do with a USB stick other than saving or copying files? Like get it to make you breakfast, take the dog for a walk, or do all your school assignments? Well….... Read More »