How do i remove film manually from a pentax slr 35 mm, without ruining the film which did not rewind?

Answer There is always a override rewind button on automatic cameras. Check again, because you have apparently missed it. It is often a recessed button that is placed where you cannot accidentally press... Read More »

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How to Load Film in a Pentax?

Before the age of digital photography, camera owners had to learn how to load film. The process was basically the same from camera to camera, though not as easy, and never as quick. Pentax made a ... Read More »

How do I rewind film midway in a Canon Sure Shot camera?

Automatic Rewind ModelsPress and hold the film release button on the bottom of the camera next to the tripod mount. The camera will make a slight buzzing sound as the film rewinds. Remove the rewou... Read More »

Is it safe for my to take off the lens of my old minolta camera without ruining the film inside?

Yes it's perfectly save to remove the lens.

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