How do i remove duckweed?

Answer Mechanical controlsDrag a mechanical skimmer or handheld net over the duckweed. Skim off as much of the duckweed as possible. Feed harvested plants to poultry, fish or cattle, use them as a crop fe... Read More »

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How do I remove duckweed from a pond?

Manual RemovalRemove duckweed from your pond by hand, if you have a small problem. Remove a few duckweeds at a time as they appear in your pond to prevent a large problem from developing. Remove th... Read More »

Can you buy duckweed?

Duckweed (Lemna minor) is available through select retailers. However, Ward's Natural Science advises customers to initially check with their state's Department of Agriculture for current restricti... Read More »

What fish eat duckweed?

Most freshwater fish -- including carp, catfish, and goldfish -- consume duckweed to supplement their diet. Duckweed (aquatic plants of the subfamily Lemnaceae) is a simple plant found floating on ... Read More »

Does duckweed spread?

Duckweed can spread across a pond quickly and thrives when nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients are present in large amounts. Duckweed can block sunlight from other plants, thus reducing oxygen... Read More »