How do i remove a small fish bone from inside my throat without going to the e.r..?

Answer dont eat dinner at chucks house and that wont happen!

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Can swallowing a small fish bone cause botulism?

It's not very likely to, particularly if it is cooked.Chetak

How do I get rid of a bone stuck in my throat?

You're right, it could be a scratch from the bone having gone down. As long as your breathing isn't compromised and you're not in pain. You can try another thing in case there is still a tiny slive... Read More »

How to Properly Clean a Fish Bowl for Small Tropical Fish?

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What kind of filter do you use with small fish in a fish tank?

Using the right filter in your fish tank is important, especially when dealing with very small fish. The best filter to use for little fish is an under-gravel filter. It stays beneath the gravel an... Read More »