How do i remove a skunk's odor from a dog?

Answer Flush your dog's eyes with clean water. If not cleaned properly, your dog's eyes may get irritated or infected. If redness persists, you may need to visit a vet for eye drops.Pat your dog down with... Read More »

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How do I remove pet odor from a car?

Vacuum the interior of your car to pick up pet hair and dander. Use specialized attachments to get into small spaces. If excess pet hair remains, pick it up by applying a lint roller to the interio... Read More »

How to Remove Dog Odor From a Car?

If your dog is often in the car with you, you may notice that your best friend starts to leave behind unwanted odors. These doggy odors can become unpleasant and difficult to bear if left untreated... Read More »

How to Remove Odor From a Car?

If you've ever driven down the road and wondered just what you're smelling, you're not alone. We use our cars every single day, so they have plenty of opportunity to pick up a musty or foul smell. ... Read More »

How Can You Remove the Bad Odor From a Glue Made From Starch?

Starch does not have a strong odor by itself, but the combination of the other ingredients it takes to make glue can make the air, furniture and house in general have an extremely strong and unplea... Read More »