How do i remove a keyboard from a gateway nx500x laptop?

Answer Unscrew the Base ScrewsTurn off your laptop and disconnect the power supply along with any other cables. Turn the laptop over and remove the battery. With the laptop upside down, look near the cent... Read More »

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How Do I Remove a Gateway Laptop Keyboard?

Locate Screws and Loosen HingesTurn off the notebook, and close the lid. Remove the battery, and disconnect the AC adapter. Turn the laptop so the bottom is facing upward. Look for the keyboard scr... Read More »

How do I remove the backup battery from a Gateway Solo Laptop?

Removing the Gateway Backup BatterySave your work. In Windows 95 or NT click "Start" and "Suspend." With Windows 98, click "Start," "Shut Down," "Standby" and "OK." Close the computer, and turn it ... Read More »

How to Replace the Keyboard on a Gateway W730-K8X Laptop?

If the keyboard in your Gateway W730-K8X has broken, you will need to replace it. In order to replace your keyboard, you will need to remove the keyboard bezel. Your keyboard is connected to your G... Read More »

How do I Undock a Gateway Laptop PC With an on Screen Keyboard?

Docking is a process in which your Gateway laptop interfaces with a larger server or more powerful computer. If you have a Gateway tablet notebook, you can undock the laptop even if you use an on-s... Read More »