How do i remove a golf club head?

Answer When to Remove ItThe most common reason to remove a golf club head is to replace the shaft when it is broken or unsuitable for your swing. Another reason is to replace the head when dents and ding... Read More »

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What kind of glue would you use to refasten the head of a hybird golf club back onto a graphite shaft?

Two part epoxies are the best. You mix two components together and they harden in an hour or so. Glues, which rely on evaporation of a solvent, typically aren't strong enough. I won't recommend ... Read More »

Do you need a Wii golf club to play Tiger Woods golf?

You do not need a golf club attachment to play Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 on the Nintendo Wii. You can control the game using the motion-sensing capability of the Wii remote, or you can use the nunchu... Read More »

How to Juggle a Golf Ball on a Golf Club?

Learn to juggle a golf ball like Tiger Woods and you might end up with a supermodel for a wife. Actually, you probably have no chance at the model, but this can get you looking a lot cooler on the ... Read More »

How to Fix Sky Marks on a Golf Club?

Hitting under a golf ball ball so that it contacts the top of the club leaves a scuff or scratch, better known as sky marks. They're not pretty. Sky marks are most obvious on drivers and fairway wo... Read More »