How do i refund a paypal payment?

Answer Go to the My Account page of PayPal. Find the gray "History" tab and click it. Navigate through your PayPal history until you find the payment you want to send a refund for. Select the blue "Detail... Read More »

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Ebay/paypal refund help!?

Just use the "send money" tab (across the top of the overview) and send them the proper amount using their e-mail address. Just send them a message asking for the PayPal e-mail...but usually you ca... Read More »

How to Request a Refund From PayPal?

PayPal is a global Internet money transfer agent. Created as part of eBay, PayPal is now used for international business transactions and money transfer and accepts a variety of payments, including... Read More »

How to Refund Money on PayPal From a Gift Sent?

Paypal allows you to refund money for any type of payment, whether it's from a sale or a gift. If you've received a gift payment, you have up to 60 days to refund the money through Paypal. After th... Read More »

Paypal Refund on backup account?

When you set up your PayPal account you likely set up 2 different payment methods, like a credit card and a bank account. One is your primary account and the other is your secondary. It is just sa... Read More »