How do i refinish oak stairs?

Answer Oak is a hard wood that holds up very well to all kinds of abuse. This wood is good for stairs because of its strength and durability. Refinish the wood on a regular basis though to ensure that it ... Read More »

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How do i refinish pine stairs?

Refinishing a soft wood like pine can be very tricky due to the frequency of the refinishing jobs to keep the wood looking new. If you do not wish to be continually refinishing these stairs, consid... Read More »

If you get shoved down the stairs or fall down the stairs as a child can that make a girl infertile when she i?

Most likely no. The only way it would affect your fertility is if your abdomin was crushed like in a car accident or something. A fall won't affect fertility. I had a friend who was pregnant and go... Read More »

The name of the older gentleman in the ESPN scorecenter commercial that walks down the stairs hands off something turns and nods to the camera and goes back up the stairs please?

Seems to me that all sport-as-entertainment is a waste of time.

Why are stairs called 'stairs' inside but 'steps' ouside?

because stairs actually refers to the staircase, which is not the steps themselves but the walls on either side of the steps. The walls are called a staircase in which steps are placed. This has ov... Read More »