How do i refinish banisters?

Answer Banisters are the handrails and supporting walls or posts used to border stairways for both safety and appearance. In many houses the banisters are made from wood even if the stairway is not. This ... Read More »

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How to Replace Banisters?

Banisters can be lifesavers. Climbing up or down stairs can be very difficult for some people, and being able to place a hand on a sturdy rail can sometimes mean the difference between safety or a ... Read More »

How to Redo Wood Banisters?

A dented, faded wooden banister running up the staircase of your home does not necessarily need to be replaced. If you have the right tools, and are comfortable working with wood, you can easily re... Read More »

How to Install Interior Banisters?

Installing interior banisters carefully and effectively maximizes their safety features. A banister that is weak and poorly attached to the floor or wall is a safety hazard that could give way if s... Read More »

How do I remove paint from porch banisters?

Paint Remover/StripperPurchase a paint remover/stripper for the appropriate paint type. Apply the stripper with a brush, and allow it to sit the amount of time listed on the product.Remove the Pain... Read More »