How do i refinish a veneer dresser?

Answer Refinishing a wood veneer dresser is not an impossible task. Although veneers are only a thin piece of wood laid over a lower quality of wood, they can be refinished if care is taken to not damage ... Read More »

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How to Finish Veneer Dresser Furniture?

Veneer is a great way to finish an antique dresser. Veneer will preserve an antique or a new dresser for years, and protects the wood surface. Dressers can be pieces of furniture in the bedroom, li... Read More »

How do i refinish an old dresser?

Cheap furniture isn't difficult to come by; however, furniture with personality and history is becoming more and more of a rarity. Sometimes you might find that perfect dresser at a garage sale or ... Read More »

How do i refinish a laminate dresser?

This first steps when refinishing wood are stripping the old finish and preparing the surface for the new finish by sanding it. When you are sanding laminated dressers, however, you have to be espe... Read More »

How do you strip&refinish a dresser?

Over the years, furniture can acquire bumps, scratches and other unsightly blemishes. Stripping and refinishing your existing furniture, such as a dresser or coffee table, is a cost-effective way t... Read More »