How do i refill a brother lc38 ink cartridge?

Answer take it to officemax, i think they do refills for like $10-20

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How to refill a Brother MFC cartridge?

Buy a Brother MFC refill kit, which includes a burner to burn a hole in the end of the cartridge. This hole burner works like a soldering iron. You use it according to the directions in the kit. Th... Read More »

How to Refill a Brother Printer Ink Cartridge?

Brother makes a large assortment of printers for you choose from. One of the only downfalls about a Brother printer is the cost of the ink for it. You can spend a fortune on purchasing ink for your... Read More »

How hard is it to refill an inkjet cartridge myself Am I better off just buying a new cartridge?

Some people have no problems refilling their printer cartridges. Personally, I've had bad luck when I tried. My printer is an HP Deskjet 832c. I bought a recycled cartridge at Office Depot which... Read More »

How do I refill an HP 49 ink cartridge?

Prepare the CartridgeRemove the top blue or green cover from the HP 49 cartridge with a pocket knife blade--very carefully. You will see a white sponge. Do not put any ink onto this sponge. The mag... Read More »