How do i reduce traffic accidents?

Answer Don't TailgateThe rule of thumb is to give the car ahead of you one car-length for every 10 miles per hour. Consider this: at 55 miles per hour, you're covering about 80 feet per second. Average hu... Read More »

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Are traffic tickets to reduce the risk of accidents/public safety or is it trolling for government money?

If the government was serious about traffic safety they would make the cost of breaking traffic laws so expensive nobody would break said law. For example if a speeding ticket were 5000 bucks inste... Read More »

Do traffic cameras cause accidents?

On One Hand: Research Suggests ItA study at the University of South Florida has statistically correlated the presence of traffic light cameras with increased accidents in certain areas. It is suspe... Read More »

How many people die in traffic accidents every day?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the year 2008 saw a total of 37,261 traffic fatalities over 366 days. Dividing the number of fatalities by the number of days gives ... Read More »

How many people in the world die each day from traffic accidents?

More than 3,000 people die each day as a result of traffic accidents, according to the most recent report issued by the World Health Organization in 2004. Most of those killed in traffic accidents ... Read More »