How do i reduce cost by growing vegetables at home?

Answer LettucePlant lettuce seeds for a continuous supply of salad greens. Lettuce seeds form thinnings in less than three weeks that can be trimmed and eaten. Lettuce seeds cost less than $3 per package ... Read More »

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Growing Vegetables Using Flower Pots?

Whether you're short on space or want to avoid the mess of mounding rows of soil, growing vegetables in flower pots presents a simple alternative to traditional in-ground gardening. Vegetables grow... Read More »

Colorado Growing Season for Vegetables?

The state of Colorado has an average elevation of 6,800 feet. The sun is highly intense, and the climate is very dry. Growing vegetables in this climate can be a challenge. The temperature, altit... Read More »

Tips for Growing Vegetables and Herbs?

Grow herbs and vegetables in a home garden and enjoy the fresh flavors in the kitchen all season long. Most herbs and vegetables grow well together, so they can be planted in a single garden bed. S... Read More »

Does Clorox harm growing vegetables?

Clorox bleach makes a great, cheap weed killer, and you may be tempted to spray a solution of bleach and water in your vegetable garden. But Clorox does harm vegetables. It will also kill off any v... Read More »