How do i reconnect my hp12oo series to my computer?

Answer Hi if its a HP Inkjet 1200 series printer, then u can download the software & driver from hp website itself. its listed on this link to download , Read More »

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My computer USB's all disconnect and won't reconnect until I restart my PC while doing high-end gaming?

Is this happening to USB ports that are attached to your Motherboard, or do you have an extra USB hub or something. If you are using ports besides your mobo ports, it might be underpowered or has t... Read More »

What is the best Sci-Fi TV for you I love too mach the TV Series Battlestar Galactica but I try to search for any other Sci-Fi TV Series in same quality of this Series in my opinion I cant.?

You may try , and like , Farscape and Firefly ; below are two relevant links that lead to additional information regarding both shows .

How do I reconnect a gas oven?

SafetyTurn the gas off at the valve. Most valves close by turning them clockwise. If the device was operational, turning the valve in one direction usually turns it off. Determine where the main sh... Read More »

How to Reconnect Wireless?

If you've recently upgraded your equipment, or you've had broadband service interruption for some reason, you may need to reconnect your wireless router to re-establish your wireless network. Recon... Read More »